Donkey Kong is back

Nice warm-up of an old classic. Donkey Kong Jr. was my favourite a way back. Donkey Kong & Country Returns is really nicely put together, I love the graphics and playability. This one was one the best X-mas presents this Christmas.

It’s always nice to twist words

It’s a bit funny… But it could have been much more with actors like this. I’m not exactly sure why, but the result is more than average. Check out yourself.

Nice and simple way to 3D

There’s no need for complex plug-ins or flash when simple solutions are just around the corner. Here’s a nice way of putting up one axis 3D effect on a simple objects. Thanks to guys at FI.

Finally a simple way to find cheap flights

I truly admire simple and easy to use interfaces such as Adioso. I’ve always thought that finding a good flieght from Finnair and SAS has always been a little difficult. Adioso is still in beta testing but the first feeling is really good.